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How to Handle Peer Pressure

That’s because as we begin to disengage from the influence of our parents in later adolescence, we begin to develop our own identity. As we do so, if we remain true to our core values and beliefs, we increasingly have the wherewithal to stand up to the influence of friends and other peers. Of course, you want to make new friends, and that may make you go along with things you wouldn’t otherwise. But remember that all the new students are trying to make friends. There are lots of people looking for connections, and some of them will be good fits for you.

  • Make an effort to get to know your child’s friends and their parents.
  • We are at our best when we surround ourselves with people with similar values and interests.
  • We tend to hear more about the potentially negative effects of peer pressure.
  • Spend time with those who resist peer pressure You’ll learn who they are quickly; they’re the ones who stand up for themselves even in the face of bullying.

This type of peer pressure can also be direct, indirect, spoken and/or unspoken. This pressure can challenge individuals to do things they may not usually do and engage in such behaviors because others are doing so and it’s a way to belong.

Strategies to Teach Teens to Deal With Peer Pressure

Being pushed to do something by well-meaning friends should make a person feel good about their decisions, whether it’s choosing to study more often or help someone in need. This peer pressure is actually a beneficial influence that opens up new horizons, or reinforces the decision to stay away from bad behavior. Knowledge is power; understanding anything makes it much easier to deal with. Knowing what it is, grasping why it happens, and learning how to spot it can empower students to better handle it. Most people want to fit in from a very young age, leaving them open to peer pressure.

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Direct Peer Pressure

The very recent outcome of a court trial signals there are consequences for those who prey on the vulnerable. We thank Carol in particular for her tenacity and determination for and on behalf of Amanda and many more victims out there. The attached news report is one of many to announce the court outcome. For now, our hearts go out to Carol and her family, and to all who are undergoing similar struggles.

Having his peers around will help you decide whether they are good or bad influences. Art therapy is effective for people of all ages, especially in treating children and teens, due to the ability… The experience has been described as both aggressive and friendly depending on the social situation. It proves that there is no age discrimination when it comes to peer pressuring to consume alcohol as many can often feel social isolation if they do not conform.

Additional Resources

Studies show that most parents view their own child as disinterested in certain high risk behaviors and her peers as interested, or even predatory, with regard to those behaviors. This allows parents to view their child as a victim, which is useful when it’s true, but counterproductive when it’s not. Even if your child is engaging in high risk or negative behaviors in collusion with peers, this does not necessarily mean that your child is responding to pressure. It may be that your child is independently making the decision to engage in these behaviors and is selecting peers with similar interests. It may also mean that your child is being influenced, but not pressured, by a peer culture that favors certain high-risk or negative behaviors. In these cases, parents do well to engage in parenting that fosters personal agency, responsibility and accountability.

how to deal with peer pressure

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